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Website redesign services will make a business’s current online website look more appealing and may even be more user friendly. A lot of novice and amateur web designers are creating websites for businesses and offering them at a very low cost. For the beginner web designer, it’s a good experience, but for a business owner, it’s a waste of time. The price may seem good to a business, but you get what you pay for.

Website redesign is needed heavily on websites that are not fully mobile-friendly. You can tell which websites these are from the aesthetics and the user experience. Amateur web designers will most likely just want to speed up the process of creating a website for a client and they don’t even bother checking to make sure if it looks good on different size screens, like for mobile. A business with its presence on the web needs to be professional looking without any navigation errors or cut off sections of text. Fortunately though, businesses can get their websites redesigned by places like Michael Pothos Design. Michael Pothos Design offers website design, website redesign, web development, and even web hosting. If your business needs a new logo there are options also available for that as well.

The process of redesigning a website is somewhat easier than trying to start off from nothing. When a website gets redesigned, most of what is already on the current site should be alright to transfer over into the new one. Elements like the navigation, content on web pages, possibly some images, can all be taken in the new design. The main purpose for a website redesign is that the new site looks more modern and everything functions correctly.

However, with website redesign there are times when a website was just made non-copy-able. Sometimes there are web design agencies that will use almost the same text as from another previous client. A good example of this would be a web agency that has a niche for a certain type of industry. They create site after site for all these clients, but if you were to copy and paste some of the text from one of the websites they created and search that text on Google, you may see a whole lot more sites that have almost the same text. This is very bad for SEO. It is known as duplicate content and will decreased the rank of that website on Google searches as well as all the other websites that agency has made, ruining their credibility.

With website redesign, trying to transfer over images into the new site is not always a good option either. It’s always better to use either new images or high-res ones that were used before placing on the current site.

Michael Pothos Design knows what to look for when preparing to redesign a website. It’s not all about the look of the site, but what can be used from the current site as well. If your business is need of a website redesign, considered contacting a professional website designer.

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