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Web hosting and maintenance in Montclair, CA and nearby cities can get your business up and running with your website and maintained on a regular basis. Here’s the big question though, if you have a website that was created and is currently hosted, are you paying the right amount? Does your site even work good or look professional?

Michael Pothos Design offers web design services along with web hosting and web maintenance. Many businesses with websites need to have their sites hosted, otherwise it’s just a website that is sitting on a computer and not live to the online public. With web developers like Michael Pothos Design, your business can get a professional made website created and also hosted online all at an affordable cost. If your website needs a database, especially for a WordPress site, Michael Pothos Design handles all the stuff most business owners do not want to deal with. If there is a problem with your site, Michael Pothos Design will fix it.

Unlike paying only around $5 a month for “shared hosting” with companies like GoDaddy, there are limitations. The price may look good, but what’s the catch? What if you had a developer create your business a website, they then uploaded it online to get hosted and had you pay on your own through GoDaddy for the hosting and the developer left? If your website has problems in the near future, who is going to be able to fix those problems? GoDaddy surely won’t; they only deal with server related issues, not web coded errors. When you get a website made with Michael Pothos Design and decide to also get web hosting services, your website will always be taken care of. You won’t have to have a messed up looking website and try to contact a developer that left and you never hear from them again.

Web hosting along with maintenance from Michael Pothos Design starts at $25 a month, but it includes site backups, security, and up to one hour of content changes per month. Any additional work past the included one hour will just be billed by the hour. It will ensure that your website will function correctly and will have a 99% up-time.

If your business is in need of web hosting and web maintenance, contact Michael Pothos Design now to get started.

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