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Looking for a professional web design company for your business? Michael Pothos Design offers website and web hosting services to clients in Montclair, CA and surrounding cities. As you look for a web design company, you should consider what services that company offers.

Website Design

Any web design company will always start off with a design. Most designs are first talked about with the client to see what it is they are looking for in a website. This involves the amount of pages, what type of content will be on those pages, and overall design. It’s always good if a business has a logo, that way the design itself can stem from that identity. With Michael Pothos Design, the web design itself is created as a mock-up to show the client what the website will look like roughly. The design mock-up will determine how the actual site will look when completed.

Website Development

A web design company, once completed with the web design, will move into the development phase. This will basically reconstruct what was shown in the mock-up, but all in code and some images. A website cannot just rely on all images for the entire design when it’s online, especially if those images are large in file size. This is why coding is so important. A good web design company will know what shortcuts to use to speed up the site itself. For example, let’s say the design of site called for some kind of image color change when hovered on from black and white to full color. Normally you would think there would need to be two images, one for the static image (black and white) and one of the hover (full color). With code, we can eliminate the need for a black and white image just by telling it to use a color filter on top of the full colored image. Michael Pothos Design understands that examples like this can make a website load a lot quicker.

Web Hosting

Web design companies that are professional will offer their clients web hosting. The site itself needs to be running online 24/7 and web hosting does just that. Michael Pothos Design offers web hosting services to its clients with included web maintenance on a regular basis. Most businesses are too busy to control a website which is why web design companies exist, not just to design and develop the website, but to maintain it as well.

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