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Professional WordPress web design in Las Vegas is widely available from many local web design businesses. There are a few different ways of getting a theme for a WordPress site. The best way is to have a theme, custom-made for your business. This not only sets your website apart from your competition, it also enables your site to have more functionality.

What Is WordPress?

Most businesses throughout Las Vegas are looking to either get a new website or a redesigned one. The one platform that more than 70% of websites online are made from is WordPress. WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, which allows users to do just that… manage content on their site. There are plugins for WordPress that are constantly being made and updated, which makes WordPress a very strong web platform. As a result, some businesses think that all they need to do is purchase a WordPress theme and they’re set. Technically, they can do that, but all they’ve done is built a store behind a wall. It’s best to have a professional web designer create a custom theme for their WordPress site. Professional WordPress web design in Las Vegas is something that a business should really look closely upon. It can help their business online tremendously.

How Having a Custom WordPress Site Benefits SEO

When a web developer builds a custom WordPress site, they’re able to add extra functionality that your business may want on the site. There’s also the setup for SEO on the site. SEO is for search engine optimization. In other words, it’s how a site is optimized for search engines like Google to find them. The better the site is optimized, the higher it will rank on search results. Most web designers know how SEO works for a site and can get the right plugins and add content such as text and images the “right” way. By doing just those things, your website is off to a great start online for SEO. However, there is a lot more to SEO than just that and it could get pricey.

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