Las Vegas Brochure Menu Design

Michael Pothos Design - Las Vegas Brochure Menu Design

Las Vegas brochure menu design enables restaurants throughout Las Vegas to give their customers a take-home menu with additional information. It’s a great way to have an inexpensive menu plus getting more business exposure to clients. There are many professional graphic design companies throughout Las Vegas that are capable of designing brochures for menus.

As more businesses come into Las Vegas, the need for graphic design grows. With most “quick-bite” restaurants, they need a small sized menu to give to their customers. Luckily, there are graphic designers that can produce excellent designed menu brochures at an affordable rate. Restaurants can provide their clients with a full menu, displayed on a small brochure. One of the best things about having a Las Vegas brochure menu design is that when customers take them home, it will remind them of your restaurant when they see it. Subconsciously, they’ll decide to order from your restaurant and you’ll make more sales.

The cost to get a menu brochure may vary since many graphic design businesses charge differently. Some charge by the project, while others charge by the hour. If you go with a graphic design business that charges by the project, chances are you’ll probably be spend anywhere between $100-$200 for the graphic design. With hourly rate design companies, they will charge any where from $30-$80 an hour and on average, it will take a few hours. The prices will usually be the same whether you go hourly or by project.

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