WooCommerce: Increase Variations Per Page within Product Admin Screen

If you have ever found it troublesome when trying to reorder your product variations for a particular product, there’s actually a code you can add to your functions.php file within your WordPress theme. This code will increase variations per page within the product admin screen.

Note: Be aware that this code could negatively impact server performance and also the loading time on the product edit screen. You may see a “Page Unresponsive” message when trying to save. Click on “Wait” to wait it out.

/* Change Variations Per Page within Product Admin Screen */
add_filter( 'woocommerce_admin_meta_boxes_variations_per_page', 'custom_increase_variations_per_page' );

function custom_increase_variations_per_page() {
     return 50;

You can change “50” to a higher number to show more variations on the screen. Once you are finished using the code, you can comment it out from your functions.php file.

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