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Hidden Costs of “Cheap” Website Design

hidden costs of cheap website design

Many businesses now know that they need a website to keep their business going. There are a lot of hidden costs of cheap website design though to watch out for. Businesses will look online and do a search for “cheap websites” or “cheap web designs” and then they find hundreds of web design companies and designers that can charge very cheap and the have the site up real quick. They may also find that they can even design the site themselves using an online website builder.

This all sounds awesome, but that “cheap” website that they just got is bound to have problems. It may not function properly, the website could be going down all the time, emails aren’t getting sent through. It’s a total nightmare. Sure, it’s nice to find a cheaper price for something, but if you’re not careful, it could end up costing you a lot more. You may have to hire another designer or developer to “fix” the issues for you and this can cost a lot more than that “cheap” website. When you find a web design company, you should look at some of their work on other sites they’ve designed. This not only proves that the designer is capable of doing the job, but it also shows what you could have for your site.

Some business owners think all you need to pay for is the site. There’s actually more to it. If your business doesn’t have a logo, you may need to pay for one. A website needs a logo. Without it, it will make your site look very dull and no branding to go off the site’s theme. However, some cheap website designers include a basic logo design when purchasing a website. Another thing to worry about is web hosting. Web hosting is something your website definitely needs. As a result, many web design companies offer web hosting. It’s always best to get your web hosting with the same people that created the site. You’ll also need to purchase a domain name and perhaps domain privacy. Typically, for a “cheap” website design package, you’ll be spending probably a little over $400, which isn’t that bad.

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