Half Page Menu Flyer Design

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Half page menu flyer design can get your restaurant great marketing material to give out to clients. Instead of having a typical, tri-fold to-go menu, you can save by having a half page menu flyer printed out. Everything from the time of design hours it takes to create the menu flyer to the print will cost less than any other menu. Also, since these half page menu flyers are small, they make it easy to distribute.

Many graphic design companies are familiar with designing half page flyers. They have had the experience to fit as much content as they can on these flyers. When measuring only 5.5″ by 8.5″, it does make it difficult for someone that is a non-graphic designer to create one. It becomes even more difficult when trying to fit an entire menu on them. Having them be front and back does help, but still, line spacing is pretty tight and there’s no a lot of room for negative space. However, it fits the material and purpose. Not too many people will get a half page menu flyer and say, “Wow, this thing looks really crammed.” Subconsciously people will look over all that and just focus on what is actually there. Graphic designers can create a half page menu flyer with or without images. There are design elements they will use to fill in the gaps. Of course, it does make it look a lot nice when there is photos of the food on the flyer.

If your business needs half page menu flyer design, you should consider having a professional graphic design company handle it. You’ll be happy that you did.

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