Custom Web Design in Montclair, CA

Custom web design in Montclair, CA is available for many businesses and can set them apart from a template website. Montclair is not only known for all the many businesses it has in its city, but also for the remodeling of its mall, Montlcair Place. New businesses are popping up from time to time, some even within the newly remodeled mall area, and will need a website to further establish their presence, especially online. Most of these businesses find a web developer or web designer to handle all their website needs.

Custom web designs can be created in a variety of styles and layouts. A business can get a custom website made to have it reach full width of the browser window or up to a certain width. Other website styles can be designed professional and clean or interesting and fun. It all depends on what the business would like for their website. Michael Pothos Design offers a lot of website designs and layouts for its clients. Many of these sites are mobile-responsive and are built to function very well.

Custom web design is something that cannot be done with a typically, “build your own site” creator that businesses will try and use from places like Wix, Squarespace or Godaddy. The website made from these places will tend to all look very similar because they are template-based designs that many other businesses will use, plus it is very limiting with what a business can create using these online tools. For a very small business that does not have the budget, going the “build your own site” route is the way to go, but for other businesses that are bigger, they can get a lot more with a custom designed website.

Custom web design along with web hosting services, are offered from Michael Pothos Design. If your business is interested of a brand new or revamped website, contact Michael Pothos Design today and get started.

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