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Basic Flyer Design

Flyer Designs in Las Vegas

Basic flyer design is an inexpensive way to market your business. Many businesses need more sales, but may not have the excessive amount of budget to get it. As a result, graphic design companies like Michael Pothos Design, understand their needs and offer low cost flyer design services. A business owner can get a professional looking basic flyer design for a great price.

In general, flyers are a great way to gain more business because they display services and information to potential clients. Also, flyers can come in a variety of sizes and card stock. Depending on the budget a business has, they can get a flyer small half-page flyer on a thin paper stock for a really low price. On the other hand, they may want to to get something bigger with a thicker paper stock and to be sent in the mail. Whatever the case, their business services and information will get out there. When it comes down to it, a business owner will be paying for three things when getting a flyer created. One is the design, and most graphic designers will charge by the hour and it could cost anywhere from $20-$80 depending on who they go with and how much time is spent on the design. Second would be the printing of the flyers. This can fluctuate a bit, especially with all the different coatings, card stock, and sizes. It may cost around $200 for 5,000 flyers. Lastly, the business would be paying for the distribution of the flyers. This can vary too in cost. In the end, a business will be spending probably around $400-$500 for everything, which isn’t that bad when you want 5,000 eyes or more looking at your flyers.

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