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Affordable website design is sometimes hard to obtain. Most marketing agencies will charge businesses tremendous amount for a website. What most businesses do not know is that sometimes going with an agency isn’t always the best option. You can get the same type of website design service from other, smaller companies, like Michael Pothos Design.

Affordable website design services from Michael Pothos Design could save your businesses thousands. While paying less for a website from Michael Pothos Design, your website will be mobile responsive and look professional. With most agencies, they may charge a client for a simple website around $3,000 to $5,000. At this point they are paying a little too much. But let’s face it, it’s an agency… They have to make their money somewhere to pay everyone else that works on your site. With Michael Pothos Design, you don’t have to have multiple people working on your site and paying them extra for their time.

Affordable website design from Michael Pothos Design also has affordable web hosting services available. With affordable web hosting services, your site will be backed up on a regular basis and website maintenance is also included. Design agencies might charge you a lot more for other types of services that make it seem like you are getting a lot more, when in reality, most of those things are just bits and parts of the same thing.

If you are interested in getting affordable web design for your business, Michael Pothos Design can assist you with that. Don’t let big fancy agencies take you for all your money, contact Michael Pothos Design today to get started and save money for your business.

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