Affordable Brochure Design in Las Vegas

Michael Pothos Design -Affordable Brochure Design in Las Vegas

Affordable brochure design in Las Vegas is provided by many local graphic design companies. Businesses can have a brochure custom designed with all of their products or services listed on it at an inexpensive price. Most graphic design companies have years of experience when it comes to creating brochures and know the dimensions and guidelines to use when designing them.

Within Las Vegas, there are thousands of businesses, all of which will most likely need some marketing material, such as a brochure at some point. Whether it’s a nail salon business displaying their services or a restaurant that wants to show their menu items, these businesses need to show what they offer. Having a brochure is a great way to do that. There are a number of different layouts for a brochure too. There’s a traditional tri-fold, double gate fold, single fold, and so on. On top of those layouts are different sizes too. Depending on what type of brochure a business wants will narrow down the cost. Obviously the bigger, the more it will be. But these are for printing costs… designers charge differently for the design. Most designers will charge hourly and by average, a tri-fold brochure will take about 2-3 hours, depending on the amount of content.

Affordable brochure design in Las Vegas shouldn’t cost that much. A business could be looking at spending anywhere from $40-$100 for the design, which isn’t bad. And keep in mind, this is for an initial design. If your business is a restaurant and needs a menu brochure designed, well it will have that initial price. However, let’s say a few months later your costs for food items goes up, so you need to raise your prices. To have the brochure redesigned should only cost an hour.

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